Business Fibre

Our business fibre product is called "FRESH Fibre". And we:

Only offer three plans

Only offer "unlimited" data

Deliver a healthy CIR "Committed Information Rate".

(CIR is the guaranteed minimum upload and download speed of your fibre package)

Why choose our Fibre?

"Fresh Fibre", is an Unlimited data service

Competitively priced for our customers who want only the best available service.

High speed large capacity direct connection to the internet.

Includes a "static" ipaddress so no need to order one for your site on top of your fibre plan

With our superior plans, our corporate customers are able to take full advantage of all that a fibre network has to offer.

Take Us Up on one of our Fibre Plans and you can add one of our additional products:

1 (One) free VOIP Extension to replace your current wired phone for the increased flexablity of a VOIP service, voicemail to email and forward calls to multiple destinations.


1 (One) free G Suite for Business account and send proffesional email from your business web address email@yourcompanydomain with 30GB of online storage.

Check your address.

Check your Speed.

Try our speed test tool to see what speed you currently get, and gauge what benefits you could achieve in your business with faster internet access. Maybe VoIP could help save you on your current Telecommunications costs, talk to us today.
Click to Test your Internet Speed.
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